Care homes across the country will be flinging open their doors today to welcome visitors as part of National Care Home Open Day, now in its fifth year.

Care Home Open Day is about connecting people. It’s about enriching the lives of the UK’s care home residents by reminding people that care homes in all communities are filled with unique, intelligent and amazing characters, and run by fantastic people that really do care.

The theme for 2017 is Friendship. Care homes are encouraged to celebrate developing friendships between residents, families, friends and staff, as well as with their neighbours, reinforcing how they are an integral part of their local community.

Many Embrace Care Homes are once again arranging Coffee Mornings, Afternoon Teas and Open Days, inviting local dignitaries, families, friends and professionals to pop in and spend some time with residents. And what fabulous stories our residents can tell!

Last year Embrace enjoyed a very successful Open Day, as we combined the day with a world record attempt (unofficial) for the biggest Oomph! exercise session ever, with many homes running simultaneous classes. We had more than a thousand pairs of arms shaking pom-poms at the same time, with many visitors joining in as well. A fabulous time was had by all, and having completed an exercise class, it was time to enjoy some guilt-free cake!

Lots of our homes held themed days, including Hawaiian days, rock ‘n roll days, 1940s days and Rule Britannia days (in the wake of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations).

Please do come along to one of homes and take a few minutes to chat with our residents and enjoy a cuppa and a hobnob or two. You’ll find that just as your visit will mean a lot to our residents, their company will certainly enrich your life, too.

For more information visit Care Home Open Day