Dealing with Allergies

Hay Fever Summer is upon us and whilst some of us are deciding on what factor sun screen to use, others are considering what antihistamines to take. It is estimated that around 10 million people in the UK suffer from hay fever. Some of the symptoms associated with hay fever may include a runny

Autism Friendly Days Out

With the unpredictable UK weather it can sometimes be difficult thinking of activities to keep young people with autism entertained.  With prior planning there are lots of days out, indoor and outdoor that can be enjoyed by both relative/ carer and the young person. To avoid any unnecessary stress the key is to plan

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Nutrition and The Elderly

Nutrition is a fundamental part of our lives and especially for the elderly as it is crucial for their health and wellbeing. Throughout the course of our lives our relationship with food will change along with the aging process. Instilling a good dietary plan along with physical activity can ultimately reduce health issues, and

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How to Make a Will

Unfortunately, life doesn’t allow us to be around forever. The more prepared you can be now the easier it will be for your loved ones after your gone. Something you can put in place, although it’s not a legal requirement, is a will. This is legally binding document which gives your personal assets (such as

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Ways to Stay Active and Healthy in Old Age: Swimming

There can be no doubt that exercising is important, no matter which stage of life we are at. It remains the most consistent advice given by doctors that regular activity is the best way to prevent, and keep at bay, thousands of illnesses and diseases which could otherwise have a serious impact on our lives.

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The Rise of Dementia Tech

The world is brimming with amazing technology servicing every requirement of the millennial generation. There is now an entire group of peers that from birth are skilled in the art of surfing, swiping and clicking. So where does this leave the older people in our society – forgotten and alienated? Far from it. 2017

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Funding a Stay in a Care Home

There are more than 400,000 people in the UK living in residential and nursing care homes. Of these, almost half pay for their care themselves and the rest are financially supported, either wholly or partly, by their local authority or the NHS.   NHS Continuing Healthcare - Full Support Continuing Healthcare funding provides care that is

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