Autism Friendly Days Out

With the unpredictable UK weather it can sometimes be difficult thinking of activities to keep young people with autism entertained.  With prior planning there are lots of days out, indoor and outdoor that can be enjoyed by both relative/ carer and the young person. To avoid any unnecessary stress the key is to plan

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Celebrating Down’s Syndrome

What is Down's Syndrome? Down's syndrome is the most common chromosome abnormality. According to on-going studies, for every 1000 babies born in the UK one of those will be born with Down's Syndrome, which equates to approximately 750 babies born with this syndrome per year. Defying the Odds Increasingly more people who have Down's

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How to check for a stroke and how to reduce your risk

What is a stroke? A stroke occurs when the blood supply to a part of the brain is cut off following blockage of an artery (ischaemic stroke) or haemorrhaging (haemorrhagic stroke), causing symptoms which can be distressing and are often life threatening. Supply of blood to the brain is critical, without it cells can become

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Nutrition and The Elderly

Nutrition is a fundamental part of our lives and especially for the elderly as it is crucial for their health and wellbeing. Throughout the course of our lives our relationship with food will change along with the aging process. Instilling a good dietary plan along with physical activity can ultimately reduce health issues, and

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Laughter – the Best Medicine?

Are there really health benefits in humour and laughter? We all enjoy a good laugh, don’t we? But did you know having a giggle can actually have a genuinely beneficial effect on our health? In the last decade there have been a number of studies in different countries across the globe that have endeavoured to

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How to Make a Will

Unfortunately, life doesn’t allow us to be around forever. The more prepared you can be now the easier it will be for your loved ones after your gone. Something you can put in place, although it’s not a legal requirement, is a will. This is legally binding document which gives your personal assets (such as

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